Thank you for stopping by my blog, I am trying a new blog system called Jekyll, I have heard about it in the past but never truly wanted to give it a try for whatever reason. I previously hosted my Blog using Ghost, which I loved Ghost but ultimately so far enjoy Jekyll a lot more.

Jekyll First impressions, So when I first was introduced into Jekyll I was like eh another static page gen ok. Then I finally gave it a go recently when I was applying for a job they had a ‘Homework Assignment’ for me to use their service and install something on it so I decided to go with Jekyll. Overall Jekyll has been a real pleasure tweaking with and looking at the difference of how it’s made, this was also my first introduction to SASS, which I have never used but I know I would love it and I was correct. Overall I am glad I am still using Markdown over anything else, I have been using Markdown now for a few months with the previous Blog Platform I used which was Ghost I used Markdown there so I was overall happy to see that as I was already formular with it, as well as Github and other platforms use Markdown as well.

Another thing, you will see older blog posts slowly being added pre-dating this. If you do these are being brought over from my previous Blog hosted by Ghost.