Starting on Monday I will start training for Senior Adviser position at Apple, this is just another chapter at Apple, but I am shocked that I have made it this far. So far working at Apple has been astonishing, I have met some great people and have had some of the best laughs, but mostly it has opened so many doors for me and given me so many great benefits. Training for Senior Adviser, or Tier 2 is kinda scary as if I do not pass the final test, which is open book I can’t re-take it for 90 days, which scares me, but I feel very confident in myself as I have done research on the position and definitely feel capable of getting an 80%+.

I look back over the last 11 months with being with Apple, at one point I wasn’t taking my job serious, it was a learning experience for me but I can gladly say I learned from it. I have gained so many great traits and learned some many great things about iOS and MacOS, which is great for someone like myself who loves the technology field. More importantly, I learned how to read people better, for example figure out what type of personal they are, like a director, feeler, thinker, or entertainer, that is probably the most important thing I have taken away from this job so far as this is not something that will only help me with any job but any human interaction. Since working from home overall I have improved my health as well as its easier to watch what I eat, and drink, for example, I have nearly quit drinking coffee use to drink it daily now I have it once in a blue. My main source of energy now is water.

This job has helped me gain a lot of knowledge in the technology field, I have gotten more knowledgeable with terminal and I have learned the basics of Apple Script. I have also been able to take advantage of using beta versions of some of our internal tools, which I have discovered a countless number of bugs with those programs. One of the most important things I have taken away from this job so far is identifying the various different types of Malware, and Adware on MacOS.