Well as you know the Apple is releasing the new iOS 10 and MacOS Sierra sometime in the future and like normal Apple has allowed the general public to take part in it. I myself like normal will take part in it but not using my main device as if I encounter any major bugs I don’t want to deal with them on my main device. If you are interested in taking part in the beta its 100% free, and you can opt-in at Apple Beta Program. Some issues I ran into with settings up the beta, is Google Drive conflicting with the profile installation itself, so if you have Google Drive downloaded, please do remove and you will have no issue installing the Beta Profile onto your selected device.

I will publish a more in-depth review later on the beta and bugs, and potential fixes for them. Prior to updating to iOS 10 or MacOS Sierra, please make sure you backup your device. Backing up is key Here is an article on How to backup your iPhone to iTunes also here is an article on How to back up your Mac with Time Machine. If you do not have a backup and want to opt-out the only way to do so is erase and reinstalling, if you don’t have a backup prior to the beta, then you will experience some data loss.

My first impressions of iOS 10

So I downloaded iOS 10 for my iPad Air 2, the entire installation process went through like a breeze minus the Google Drive conflict I mentioned earlier. I decided to write this actually on my iPad, my initial impression of iOS 10 has been so far overall positive. I’ve only been using iOS 10 for over 30 days, so far I’ve noticed only a small bug that would constantly prompt for my password about every thirty minutes. Now I would like to go over the various improvements I feel are a nice touch in the iOS 10 Public Beta 1.

With iOS 10 it added a lot of new user interface touch ups and redesigns, and a lot of new features as well. Some of the new redesigns that really stood out to me was the new lock screen, my favorite part of the lock screen is when you have your iPad in landscape mode the clock is now in the upper left corner oppose to being centered like before.