In this post, I will go over an in-depth review of Gboard. Gboard is Google’s all in one keyboard iOS, Android, and more. This keyboard is fairly new, brings in a lot of great feature’s and brings in some others from other Keyboard add-ons.

About GBoard

GBoard keyboard was recently released for iOS on May 12th. Some of the amazing features in bring’s so far, are Swipe mostly known by Android users. Swipe allow you to quickly and effective type by tracing and connecting your finger to the character and creating the word. I personally love it, but I never was able to find a keyboard on iOS that worked and I enjoyed, sorry Swype.  GBoard.gif Source

GBoard has some really unique things about it like the ability, to simply search, then copy and paste that gif right into the chat, or message field. Now Google has already confirmed, GBoard will be released for Android in the near future but for now, they didn’t publicly say an ETA. Some people have complained about it on other Devices such as iPad’s, stating its not optimized. I personally haven’t installed it on my iPad but for my iPhone its flawless. So if you use it on your iPad please do leave a comment on your opinion and I will gladly add that to this post.

Perks of GBoard

So now let’s talk about what I like about GBoard.

  • Swipe Keyboard - This is a feature iOS has been lacking for a VERY long time, this allows me to easily iMessage someone, or send and email. You do this by simply connecting the letters with your finger without releasing the pressure. I truly enjoy the swipe trail, it’s not too big or think and it has a nice fade effect, which add nice detail.
  • Emoji Search functionality - One of the coolest things I love about GBoard is how I can type a certain word and it will display an emoji as a recommended word, or “did you mean this area?”
  • Gif Search - My most favorite part about the GBoard, is the fact you can simply search a gif, then go ahead and simply copy then paste it into that text field or that discord chat for example.
  • Google Search - Another great future is the fact that I can simply search Google on my keyboard, for example if I need to find what movie is playing this weekend, or what restaurants are near me.
  • User Interface - The overall User Interface of this product is very nice, it keep’s the normal Google style of what I like to see so props to Google once again for having a sleek User Interface.

What I would like to see?

As a web developer, when ever I use an application or website, I think to myself man this feature would be sick, it’s just my creative side of me I guess or maybe my enact for perfection. Now at this point of using GBoard it’s only on version 1.0.0, so it’s still a little baby, but man I do have to give this one to Google they had it all but one thing, this is something I love the option for on every site or application and that is a night or dark theme. Anther feature I wouldn’t enjoy but I know someone would is to allow adult “gifs” what I mean by that is Giphy which is an add-on I use on all Slack groups that allows you to add random gif’s by doing a command like so /giphy [text] but what I enjoy about this add-on is it allows you to enable adult rated gif’s. Overall for it’s first release, it was very well done, and I can see it growing rapidly, now they need to open up to more markets at this point, and offer more language support for its user’s.

Let’s compare GBoard

So what I want to do know is compare GBoard to other keyboards, the reason for that is so you know what you are getting and maybe losing with going over to GBoard.

  • Swype - Swype is probably the biggest competitor to GBoard, some of the perks of Swype is the different theme’s keyboard they offer which nice, but sadly it misses a lot of perks GBoard has. Swype also has multi-language support
  • SwiftKey - Another big competitor just like Swype it has multi themes and support’s multi-languages.

These are the two main ones, neither offer the ability to simply copy and paste Gifs from so many different styles. Now to my knowledge after doing some research it looks like GBoard is currently only available in the US Apple App Store. You can download it here. If you discover it in your App Store, and outside the United States please do leave a comment so I can update this post. I will update this post time to time with location changes.