I am Francis Baker, I am a 22-year old Full-Time Student focusing on Information Technology with a minor in Business from the University of Massachusetts: Lowell. Besides that, I love developing websites and currently working on various projects which I will write about very often. This blog is currently being hosted by Netlify, and currently using Jekyll to transform this website into what you see, this was my first time using both of these services and you will see me write about them more often now. As I blog about my projects and grow to learn about various frameworks and API’s I will document it on here. This blog is going to be used for various things from me talking about my projects, to my real life, and so much more. Eventually, I may enable comments but as of right now, I will keep it locked and more used just as a blogging space to document my thoughts.

A little more about me, I am currently working for Apple as an iOS Senior Advisor from my house, yes working from home is awesome but it does have its challenges, which I may document later and give some tips on how to potentially overcome those. I have been working for Apple now for a little over 1year and 6months so far, it’s been a great ride but I am looking to truly get my foot into something more Web Developer related.

Web Development has always been my true passion but for now, I love the Customer Service industry and the Technical Support. I was first truly introduced to the Tech Support when I worked at Diamond Wireless which is a premium Verizon Wireless Authorized Reseller while working at Diamond Wireless I gained various skills in both Customer Service and Sales which helped me excel at Sales and providing a great experience with Customers which I would still use today.

I first got into Web Development back in the late 2000’s with the basic HTML website’s I was creating basic website’s with CSS which I thought was the coolest but they never looked like some of the website’s I used on a regular basis and I could never figure it out. Until many years later I learned the power of both HTML5 and CSS3 which would later become a huge part of my daily life or so I thought until I was introduced to JavaScript in 2015/2016. JavaScript was always something I heard of and was fearful of learning as well honestly it scared me, this would be a huge stepping stone for me to comprehend JS and take on that challenge. As I learned the basics from the same ol’ sites I have been using years I came across a platform called Node.JS this not only opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of coding but made so much more sense as of how some of these Web Applications operated and how they could be stable without any performance loss.